About Us

About Us

Approximately 1990, I noticed that half of our basement floor was covered with laundry baskets, because my wife sorts the laundry by color, material, etc.  That is when I thought that there must be a better way of sorting the clothes without using so much space.  After all, a man collects a lot of “stuff”and we need a lot of space to keep tract of it.

So I started to dream up some ideas on how to use the space better.  I knew I had to stack the laundry somehow to get it off the floor.  Shelving was too cumbersome and a combination of shelving and baskets was not efficient when sorting.

I started to use wire attached to the ceiling and tried to attach baskets to the wire.  It was too wobbly.  Then I tried using plastic rods.  The design was okay so I made a prototype and it worked okay.  Relatives saw it and wanted one, so I made a few and gave them away.  Then I realized that plastic was not strong enough and began fabricating them out of steel.  Each time I made a rack, I tweaked the design so that you could see what was in each basket, you could put things in and take things out of each basket without disturbing any other basket, and you could remove each basket without disturbing any other basket.

Also the optical illusion is that the baskets are on a curve, when actually the rack is  perpendicular.

Relatives and friends who received a Basket Buddy were using it and wouldn’t give it up. That is when I thought about selling it to others.

— Walt Ostermeyer